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Four Steps To Finding The Right Property Manager

Four Steps To Finding The Right Property Manager

Four Steps To Finding The Right Property Manager

Check For Attention To Detail


An experienced property manager should have strong attention to detail. With so many dates and deadlines involved in owning an investment property, you want someone who proactively looks after everything from advertising your property and securing new renters to routine inspections and compliance matters such as safety inspections. Further, property managers deal with renters every day, so they know the little things people are looking for in a rental property. Having an expert who can highlight these in their communications and at property inspections can make the difference between finding dream renters in days, not weeks.


Systems & Processes


Finding a property manager with all the right systems and processes in place will give you peace of mind. Similar to having strong attention to detail, the best property managers will have all of the systems and processes set up to ensure everything is done on time. Think things such as automated processes such as processing rental payments and producing rent receipts, to reminders for routine inspections.


Market Knowledge & Insight


A key benefit of an experienced property manager is their market knowledge and insight. By working with someone who knows the area where your investment property is located, you can strike a balance between maximising your rental pricing and finding new renters quickly when the need arises. Further, when it comes to renewing the lease with current renters, your property manager will be able to confidently advise if a rent increase is appropriate and how much it should be.




Who is looking after your property? How long have they been in the industry? Year of on the job experience & knowledge can make all the difference when dealing with renters, maintenance, and any issues that may arise. Are they clocking off right on 5, or are they going to go that extra mile?



There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for a property manager. With the factors above in mind, the best thing you can do is begin searching (if you haven’t already received referrals from anyone in your network) and speak with potential property managers. Once you’ve spoken with a few different property managers, you’ll get a feel for who is the right fit for you. Google reviews can also offer some great insight. 

Not happy with your current property manager?

Before you hire a new property manager, download our free guide on The 5 Key Questions to Ask a Property Manager BEFORE You Appoint them to Manage your Investment Property.