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Would you let a stranger drive your car with no insurance?

Most likely not! Yet many Property Owners will lease their investment Property without the protection of Landlord insurance.

You’re probably thinking that you’ve spent enough on the property without having to add insurance costs on top of it all. However, insurance provides protection for the investment you’ve made in your property.

We’ve all heard stories about horror Tenants who trash properties, and while a thorough selection process can certainly reduce that risk; factors such as sickness, unemployment and divorce can’t be predicted. Any of these could turn a good Tenant to one who no longer pays the rent on time or at all.

While your rental income may be interrupted, the mortgage repayments and other bills related to the Property will still need to be paid, leaving you out of pocket.

Landlord Insurance provides you with protection of your property if you are faced with such a situation. Common features of a Landlord Protection Insurance policy include:

·         Malicious damage to the property by the Tenant

·         Damage caused by fire and weather

·         Loss of rent if the Tenant does not make their payments

·         Liability – which cover claims made against you by a Tenant or visitor to the Property


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